Paraffine Danmark ApS´ general sales & delivery terms:

Paraffine flame


Ex works/ufranko


Delivery time:

Approx. 14 days from receipt of order to shipment.



All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) and exclusive of VAT.


Minimum orders:

Only carton sales! 



Each invoice will include a charge to cover a general risk insurance. The charge is calculated as 2,5% of the amount of the invoice.



Prepayment. When paying after due date 2% interest per month will be calculated.


Back orders:

Shortages if any will not be delivered afterwards. Please reorder.



Complaints if any should be made before using the products and within 8 days from receipt of the products.



Part of our production is based on manual work. Therefore there may be slight differences in colours and actual weight, and measurements may differ slightly from stated dimensions.


With reservations for all conflicts due to lockouts, strikes, civil commotions, wars, states of emergency and other circumstances that make normal production impossible, also including other cases of force majeure.


The merchandise remains the property of Paraffine Danmark ApS until full and final payment has been made and it cannot be revoked due to the bankruptcy of the debtor or by his/hir estate.


In case of non-payment or any discrepancies, the venue is the court of Tønder, Denmark, and Danish rules of law apply.



Paraffine Danmark ApS

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DK-6330 Padborg

Phone:       + 45 73 74 56 14 / +45 73 74 56 15

Fax:           + 45 75 69 08 80



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